Meet the EB-5 3.0 Webinar Speakers Q&A

Register to attend this free NES Financial EB-5 webinar here! With new regulations finally announced, the EB-5 industry is poised to enter a new era we’re calling “EB-5 3.0” — and it’s not going to be business as usual! In preparation for the new regulations, we’ll be speaking with NES Financial’s Reid Thomas and Jill [...]

Compliance Requirements vs. Best Practices in OZ Fund Management

Earlier this year, NES Financial EVP Reid Thomas published an article in National Real Estate Investor titled “The Three Keys to Long-Term Success in the Opportunity Zone Program.” In this piece, Reid argued that the long-term fate of the OZ program will depend on industry self-regulating to avoid the pitfalls that have plagued other well-intentioned [...]

Congratulations to Newly Approved EB-5 Regional Centers – September 2019 Edition

NES Financial would like to congratulate the following new Regional Centers on their USCIS approval for the month of September 2019: ABC Global RC, LLC (California) National Eb-5 Wealth Center of California LLC (California): New England Center for Business Development, LLC (Maine): Permian Regional Center, d.b.a. Texas Energy Regional Center (New Mexico, Texas): Shoora Regional [...]

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Join Reid Thomas and EB5 Affiliate Network’s Live EB-5 Discussion on Five Things That Matter While Selecting a Project

EB-5 Affiliate Network and Reid Thomas joined in an EB-5 discussion talking over how navigating EB-5 Program parameters isn’t easy. Once an investor decides to participate in the EB-5 Program, selecting the right project is crucial for both obtaining a Green Card and safeguarding capital. Because selecting and conducting diligence on EB-5 real estate projects [...]

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Why Technology is Reshaping the Private Equity Industry and How NES Financial Can Help

NES Financial’s Senior Vice President of Fund Administration Michael Richards led a roundtable discussion at the ALTSSEA conference called “Fund Administration: How Technology is Reshaping the Industry” on Sept. 17. ALTSEEA is a one-day conference in Seattle featured leading practitioners from the fields of private equity, venture capital, real estate, hedge funds, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence [...]

A DST Can Add Flexibility to a 1031 Exchange

Earlier this year we wrote about the growing market for 1031 exchanges using DST (Delaware Statutory Trust) investments as replacement property. Since then, interest in DST solutions continues to grow as it adds flexibility to a 1031 exchange. A number of prospective 1031 exchange clients have shown interest in getting out of the property management [...]

EB-5 Program Version 3.0 Offers New Opportunities, Challenges

Despite negative rhetoric on immigration, global demand for U.S. citizenship seems to be at record highs, notes NES Financial's Reid Thomas on the EB-5 Program. A Commercial Property Executive Article September 4, 2019 By Reid Thomas Original Article: The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services recently published new EB-5 regulations that go into effect on [...]

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Opportunity Zone Tax Benefits: 3 Major Reasons to Invest

"Erin Gillespie, the Founder of Madison Street Strategies, defines the three major Opportunity Zone tax benefits and how investors can capitalize" For the majority of investors, the single most difficult part of putting together an Opportunity Zone Fund is rooted in the complexity of the regulations. However, whereas those complex regulations would benefit from [...]

3 Takeaways from the Forthcoming Updates to the EB-5 Program

It’s okay if you didn’t have time to sit down to read through the long-anticipated (and years-delayed) updates to the EB-5 Program rules — the changes and clarifications recently published by the Federal Register are 239 pages long. However, before the changes take effect on or after November 21, 2019, it would be wise to [...]

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The Changing Landscape of Private Equity Through Opportunity Zones: Why You Need NES Financial on Your Team

The landscape of private equity is evolving as there is an Opportunity Zones gold rush happening throughout the country. Whether it be at the Opportunity Zone Expo in New York City, where our EVP Reid Thomas recently moderated a panel on capital stack or the many insightful OZ questions our team received at our booth [...]