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Could opportunity zones eclipse or dovetail with EB-5?

The Real Deal/ Erin Hudson / September 22, 2018 "NES Financial's EVP and EB-5 chief says OZs offer "a bigger opportunity" than the beleaguered investor visa" "Sometime over the past month, NES added a new “opportunity zones” tab to their website, effectively announcing a new line of services. And in mid-September, NES’ executive vice president Reid [...]

Cleveland International Fund pays $104.5 million back to investors

Cleveland International Fund/ Press Release / July 23, 2018 Trust essential to getting investors interested in CiF's work, says CEO The Cleveland International Fund (CiF) has successfully paid back $104.5 million to 209 individual investors in CiF's first two projects: University Hospitals' system- wide expansion and the first phase of the Flats East Bank development [...]

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Brazil Emerges as New Star in EB-5 Investment, With Further LatAm Growth Likely

Julian Montero / Daily Business Review / June 5, 2018 "Brazilians have been courted in recent years by U.S. developers seeking to raise capital through the EB-5 program. But last month, the industry took a big step to cement Brazil’s status as one of the fastest-growing players in the EB-5 world—a shift that could be [...]

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Article: The Impact of 2017 Tax Reform on Commercial Real Estate

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the most comprehensive tax reform effort since 1986, was enacted into law in December — and with it came significant changes in the day-to-day operations of many American industries. Today we present one of the most insightful pieces we've seen covering the impact of the TCJA on the commercial real [...]

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Greystone, Capital United and NES Financial launch EB-5 redeployment vehicle

Konrad Putzier / The Real Deal / July 27, 2017 Greystone, investment advisor Capital United and fintech firm NES Financial on Thursday launched what they claim is the first specialized EB-5 redeployment fund. The firms hope to tackle a growing and under reported problem faced by developers who tap into the popular cash-for-visa program. Click [...]

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White Paper: The “At Risk” Component of EB-5 Investment Capital

The EB-5 investment community is facing a new challenge. As many of the more seasoned EB-5 investment projects begin to mature, the original investment capital is returned by the project owner to the new commercial enterprise. USCIS has clearly stated its policy that EB-5 investment capital is required to remain “at risk” in the new [...]

NES Financial CEO Michael Halloran: A Leading Voice for EB-5 Expansion, Oversight, and Integrity on Capitol Hill and in the Press

On May 4, lawmakers voted to extend EB-5 until September 30 as part of a $1.2 trillion appropriations bill. However, the debate on EB-5 reform continues to heat up on Capitol Hill and in the press. Confronting the controversy head-on, NES Financial CEO Michael Halloran has emerged on the Hill and in the press as an [...]

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Indians Spited by the H-1B Clampdown Can Get Another Visa to Work in the US—As Long as They Can Spare $500,000

Ananya Bhattacharya  /  Quartz Media  /  May 14, 2017 As the H-1B visa program faces cutbacks, sophisticated investors from India and Southeast Asia are now focusing on the EB-5 immigrant investment program as way to give their families and students studying in the U.S. an opportunity to start businesses or work in Silicon Valley or [...]

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