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Greystone, Capital United and NES Financial launch EB-5 redeployment vehicle

Konrad Putzier / The Real Deal / July 27, 2017 Greystone, investment advisor Capital United and fintech firm NES Financial on Thursday launched what they claim is the first specialized EB-5 redeployment fund. The firms hope to tackle a growing and under reported problem faced by developers who tap into the popular cash-for-visa program. Click [...]

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White Paper: The “At Risk” Component of EB-5 Investment Capital

The EB-5 investment community is facing a new challenge. As many of the more seasoned EB-5 investment projects begin to mature, the original investment capital is returned by the project owner to the new commercial enterprise. USCIS has clearly stated its policy that EB-5 investment capital is required to remain “at risk” in the new [...]

NES Financial CEO Michael Halloran: A Leading Voice for EB-5 Expansion, Oversight, and Integrity on Capitol Hill and in the Press

On May 4, lawmakers voted to extend EB-5 until September 30 as part of a $1.2 trillion appropriations bill. However, the debate on EB-5 reform continues to heat up on Capitol Hill and in the press. Confronting the controversy head-on, NES Financial CEO Michael Halloran has emerged on the Hill and in the press as an [...]

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Indians Spited by the H-1B Clampdown Can Get Another Visa to Work in the US—As Long as They Can Spare $500,000

Ananya Bhattacharya  /  Quartz Media  /  May 14, 2017 As the H-1B visa program faces cutbacks, sophisticated investors from India and Southeast Asia are now focusing on the EB-5 immigrant investment program as way to give their families and students studying in the U.S. an opportunity to start businesses or work in Silicon Valley or [...]

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After Another Last-Minute Extension, Legislators Focus on EB-5 Reform

Diana Bell  /  National Real Estate Investor  /  May 4, 2017 While Congress extended the EB-5 program in its current form through September 30th, 2017, serious reform debates are underway, including: minimum investment amounts, stricter oversight and integrity measures, and reclassification of targeted employment areas (TEAs). Read Post

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Special Immigrant Visa Worth Billions Faces D-Day

Kenneth Rapoza  /  Forbes  /  April 27, 2017 EB-5, one of the biggest merit-based immigration visa programs, expires April 28th 2017. Legislators will decide to reauthorize until September, or extend it with new rules proposed by Senators like Chuck Grassley of Iowa. Read Post

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