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Gain Access to Industry Experts — “EB-5 Redeployment: Best Practices for Success”

The NES Medallion Program Webinars give EB-5 professionals access to thought leaders, top service providers and industry experts. On Wednesday, October 18th, at 11am PST, a panel of noted EB-5 experts will share their insights on one of the hottest topics in the marketplace today — redeployment. The issues are complex. As Chinese investors face [...]

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International Fundraising: Is the Reward Worth the Risk?

In a word: Yes. But only when you have a fund administrator by your side that’s well placed to help you tame the risk, and calm the complexity. With competition for limited partners and assets intensifying, the appeal of overseas capital is obvious. And there’s a mutual attraction between that capital and safe investments in [...]

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2017 EB-5 Trends & Insights White Paper Spotlight: Private Equity Convergence with EB-5

Download White Paper   Last week, we announced that we had released the 2017 installment of our annual EB-5 white paper series, “EB-5 Trends & Insights: A Data-Driven Look into the Changing Landscape of Investor Immigration.” Today we take a closer look at one of the more interesting findings from this year’s report: the [...]

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How do you take fund administration from paper pushing to a strategic asset?

The maturation of the alternative asset investment industry has propelled the growth of many related service providers, but few have grown as rapidly and with such significant impact as fund administration. Read the full report to find out how fund administration can take private equity to the next level. Read Full Report  

Hot off the Press: The 2017 EB-5 Trends & Insights White Paper Is Out!

Download White Paper   We are pleased to announce publication of the much-anticipated 2017 installment of our annual EB-5 white paper series. The 2017 paper, “EB-5 Trends & Insights: A Data-Driven Look into the Changing Landscape of Investor Immigration,” is a deep dive into the trends we see emerging across the EB-5 industry today [...]

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White Paper: Getting Clarity on EB-5 Capital Redeployment and Best Practices

As quickly as the EB-5 marketplace has grown, so too has its complexity. Issuers and investors today face challenges their predecessors never dreamed of. One of the hottest topics in the EB-5 space right now is “redeployment.” The basic problem is this: investors are required to keep their funds “at risk” throughout their conditional residency [...]

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Specialty 1031 Exchanges: Beyond Real Estate

The great majority of 1031 deals concern real estate and real estate alone. In these cases, the framework for the transaction is fairly straightforward: an exchanger engages a qualified intermediary, sells a property, and then uses the money to buy a new property within 180 days. In this way, taxes on any appreciation of the [...]

Commonly Overlooked Factors of Importance when Performing EB-5 Due Diligence

Reasonable due diligence when selecting a potential investment is a crucial part of the EB-5 process: the choice of investment vehicle can mean the difference between a successful visa petition and total loss of capital. And since the majority of all EB-5 investment is made through the regional center program, [...]

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Fund administration: From paperwork to strategic asset. An interview with NES Financial’s Michael Halloran

It’s becoming ever more complex to run a private equity fund back office. How do you take fund administration to the next level, from a cost center to a competitive advantage? Michael Halloran, chairman and chief executive of NES Financial, explains in this short video for PrivCap. General partners are facing new pressures and disruptions [...]

Troubled Regional Centers and Failing EB-5 Projects

NES Financial offers a series of articles written by industry experts addressing key issues today. One such issue — a nightmare scenario to an EB-5 immigrant investor — is the possibility that his or her chosen investment vehicle may encounter legal or financial problems while their visa is still in process. The worst of these [...]

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