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Could India Be the Next EB-5 Supermarket?

In the years since the EB-5 program reached maturity, following the 2008 financial crisis, mainland Chinese-born applicants have dominated the investor pool. Indeed, even despite retrogression (which has stretched likely wait times into the ballpark of 10 years), Chinese investors represented about 85% of new I-526 petitions filed in fiscal year 2016, according to NES [...]

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What EB-5 Regional Centers Should Expect During Site Visits

Fraud Detection and National Security (FDNS) is the Directorate within USCIS responsible for identifying fraud, as well as threats to national security and public safety, within the US immigration system. And if your regional center is subject to an impromptu government site visit, they’re the ones you’ll likely find at your door. Instances of such [...]

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USCIS Quietly Introduces New Requirements for Redeployment

Of all the byzantine operating, reporting and administrative requirements imposed by USCIS on NCEs, regional centers and investors, “redeployment” is certainly among the most vexing. The need for a compliant redeployment solution arises out of two competing realities in the current EB-5 market: 1) USCIS’s stipulation that funds invested in an EB-5 project be maintained [...]

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Reflections on EB-5 Reform — Fall 2017

After nearly three years of starts and stops, substantial EB-5 program reform now seems imminent. As noted by attorney David Hirson in our featured article two weeks ago, legislative reform will almost certainly bring an increase in the minimum investment amounts required to access program benefits, as well as a change in how targeted employment [...]

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Increasing the EB-5 Investment Minimums: Which Inflationary Benchmark Should Be Used?

With another legislative EB-5 sunset date (December 8) rapidly approaching, there is much speculation about what the future of the immigrant investor program may hold. However, most experts agree that an increase in the minimum EB-5 investment amounts — which have not changed since the program’s inception in 1990 — is to be expected. The [...]

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Preparing for Potential Changes to the EB-5 Program in Late 2017

What will become of the EB-5 program next month? Congress has pushed the legislative sunset date to December 8th, but will any actual changes be passed before then? Lawmakers may very well choose not to take action, which could see the EB-5 program added to a Continuing Resolution, to be revisited in 2018. However, the [...]

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The 2017 EB-5 Insider eBook: Medallion Partners Share Insights on Industry Trends

Download the full eBook   We are pleased to announce publication of the much-anticipated 2017 installment of our annual EB-5 Insider eBook series. This free eBook represents a collaboration of more than 20 industry experts, all of whom have shared illuminating articles on what they feel are the biggest and most important topics in [...]

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2017 EB-5 Trends & Insights White Paper Spotlight: Distribution of Capital by Industry Sector

Download White Paper   Last month, we announced that we had released the 2017 installment of our annual EB-5 white paper series, “EB-5 Trends & Insights: A Data-Driven Look into the Changing Landscape of Investor Immigration.” Here, we’ll take a look at one very interesting development noted therein: recent changes in the spread of [...]

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5 Qualities Every Private Equity Emerging Fund Manager Should Look For In A Fund Administrator

In an industry based on trust and compliance, your immediate focus must be on creating a solid platform from which you can raise more capital — so you can keep doing what you do best. Will Lopez, NES Financial’s Vice President and Engagement Manager, explains why the smart money is on outsourcing your back- and [...]

Bill Salus: Why Having a Sophisticated Private Equity Fund Administration Solution Is More Critical Than Ever

NES Financial Private Equity Advisory Board member Bill Salus discusses how shifting dynamics in the PE market are driving managers to seek a more rigorous — and strategic — fund administration model. Since the Madoff and 2008 financial crises, there’s been a strong push toward transparency across alternative asset classes. This push has come from [...]

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