The Challenges Private Equity Fund Managers Face Today

Fund managers, whether new or 20-year experts, face challenges daily, especially with technology needs evolving. So, what exactly are the challenges Private Equity managers are facing, and how can NES Financial’s technology help? “Today, in the GP world, we’re going through a sea change,” according to NES Financial’s Senior Vice President of Fund Administration Michael [...]

Why You May Want to List a DST Interest as Replacement Property for Your Section 1031 Exchange (Even If You Don’t Plan to Buy It)

1031 exchanges enable you to reduce or eliminate taxes on the sale of business or investment real estate. If you want to sell one business or investment property and purchase a “like-kind” replacement property within 180 days of the sale, structuring these two transactions as a Section 1031 exchange can enable you to avoid capital [...]

The Long Game: Opportunity Zone Fund Formation Considerations and Planning for Success from Start to Finish

When forming an Opportunity Fund, from the very beginning, you need to be planning for each stage in an OZ investment’s life cycle: the capital raise, how and where to hold the invested capital, timely deployment, managing the assets, maintaining Opportunity Fund status by satisfying the various regulatory tests, and the exit — which for [...]

Why the Latest Opportunity Zone Reporting Bill Introduced is Another Win for Transparency

U.S. Senator Tim Scott introduced the IMPACT Act today, an expanded bill that would establish reporting requirements for the Opportunity Zones incentive. “It’s loud and clear that legislative momentum and interest around reporting requirements continues to grow by all sides of the aisle,” said Reid Thomas, EVP of NES Financial’s Specialty Financial Administration Business, which [...]

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The Changing Role of Escrow in the Age of EB-5 3.0

The new EB-5 regulations went into effect on November 21. In a series of blogs, NES Financial (along with its Medallion partners) is looking at the impact of the regulations and what EB-5 stakeholders can do to prepare for and operate in this new era, which we’re calling EB-5 3.0. Despite the fact that USCIS [...]

Why the Newly Introduced Opportunity Zone Reporting Bills are a Win for Transparency

Senator Ron Wyden introduced the “Opportunity Zone Reporting and Reform Act” this week, which would amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to require to increase reporting for qualified opportunity funds. “Legislative momentum around reporting requirements continues to increase,” said Reid Thomas, EVP of NES Financial’s Specialty Financial Administration Business, which includes Opportunity Zone [...]

Insider Insights Series: The Real World Impact of Opportunity Zones

An NES Financial Opportunity Zones Webinar Wednesday, November 20, 2019 | 11:00 am PT It’s almost the end of 2019, and the Opportunity Zones initiative is thriving. How is your fund performing and what are the latest trends to help your business grow in 2020? In this free Opportunity Zones webinar, NES Financial and OZ [...]

Fund Administration and Technology: Continuing the Conversation From the Novogradac Opportunity Zones Fall Conference

Novogradac’s 2019 Opportunity Zones Conference in Chicago is one of the largest OZ events in the country where fund sponsors, developers, investors, accountants, lawyers and stakeholders attend to discuss and learn how to effectively invest in qualified opportunity zone funds. Our EVP Reid Thomas spoke about fund administration at this conference and one of the [...]

Poll Result: “Will You Launch New EB-5 Projects After the New Rules Take Effect?”

On October 2, we held a webinar titled “Are You Ready for EB-5 3.0 — A New Era?” (If you missed it, watch the recording here!) In this presentation, we brought together a select group of experts from across the EB-5 industry to discuss the new EB-5 rules, which are scheduled to take effect on [...]

5 Ways NES Financial Streamlines Investor Onboarding

First impressions speak volumes. The investor onboarding experience is no different. As the private equity landscape continues to shift and become more competitive, many are finding that working with a third-party fund administrator is the way to go. For those investors who are new to working with private equity fund administration partners, the onboarding process [...]