At Risk, Debt Arrangement, Guaranteed Redemption: Important Distinctions [Article]

Read the article   Commonly, USCIS challenges to EB-5 petitions may allege an investment is not eligible because it either (a) is not held “at risk,” (b) constitutes a “debt arrangement,” or (c) will result in a “guaranteed redemption.” However, though these terms differ substantially, the distinctions are poorly understood by many EB-5 professionals — and may even be confused by USCIS itself. “Often, USCIS uses the terms interchangeably, as if they all relate [...]

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Opportunity Zones Newsletter Week of June 3, 2019

Comments to the Treasury on Data Collection and Tracking for Qualified Opportunity Zones Nonprofit affordable housing advocate Enterprise Community has published its comments on the latest round of OZ guidance. “Enterprise believes the collection and public reporting of meaningful data on qualified opportunity funds (QOFs) and their investments into designated Opportunity Zones (OZs) are critical first steps towards ensuring the OpportunityZones tax incentive is fulfilling its intended purpose.” READ THE FULL ENTERPRISE COMMUNITY ARTICLE Opportunity Zones' Biggest Myths Kathryn Tokle, a senior [...]

investUS Chooses NES Financial to Administer $100 Million Opportunity Fund

NES Financial announced today that it has been contracted to provide its purpose-built Opportunity Zone Fund Administration Suite to investUS — a New Mexico­–based Opportunity Fund that plans to deploy $100 million into real estate and business projects in Opportunity Zones (OZs) around the country. investUS’s management says it takes a “triple bottom line” investment approach which emphasizes financial return, positive social impact, and economic growth and job creation in these zones. Rather than focusing [...]

Understanding Opportunity Zone Funds and 1031 Exchanges

What are Opportunity Zones funds and 1031 exchanges? Both Opportunity Zone funds and 1031 exchanges are ways of reinvesting gains from the sale of property into other property in order to avoid current taxation and obtain valuable tax benefits. Both regimes were created by Congress and codified in the Internal Revenue Code. Both are important tools for managing tax liabilities and for acquiring tax-advantaged investments. One is driven by a national agenda to promote investments [...]

Upping the Ante: Higher Standards for Success in EB-5 [Article]

Read the article   The EB-5 marketplace continues to evolve, and USCIS’s standards along with it. In recent years, a number of unofficial “rule” changes have trickled down to regional centers and projects, mostly by way of increased enforcement action. In this month’s featured article, Phil Cohen (founder of consulting firm Strategic Element, Inc.) explains a few of the relatively new best practices that today’s EB-5 project managers should keep in mind — from conducting [...]

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Opportunity Zones Newsletter Week of May 27, 2019

Opportunity Zones Give Big Law ‘Pop-Up’ Teams Plenty of Work The pop-up teams tackle thorny issues relating to the new law, which attorneys call "unusually broad." A number of Big Law firms have created “pop-up” working groups of tax, real estate, and private funds lawyers specifically to advise Opportunity Zone clients. In fact, the new OZ space may turn out to be a boon for any law firm with a strong emphasis on multidisciplinary practices. READ THE FULL BLOOMBERG [...]

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