NES Financial announced today that is been selected by AVANA Capital to provide a Small Business Administration (SBA) fund administration solution for their Golden Bull Fixed Income Funds. NES Financial’s solutions hold investor funds in secure, FDIC-insured accounts while providing sub-account level visibility to each investor, as well as fund administration reporting for the fund manager.

AVANA Capital creates, provides funding for, and manages fixed income funds that offer a predictable, regular, and stable income stream to investors in the SBA 7(a), SBA 504, and USDA B&I programs.

“We went with NES Financial because they are the leader in providing an additional level of security and comfort for our investors,” said Sundip Patel, Founder and Managing Partner of AVANA Capital. “It is important to us to have a segregation of investor funds from our own internal capital. By utilizing NES Financial, we are able to provide a cost effective method of funds management and protection for our investors, thus further maximizing the overall yields earned by our investors.”

NES Financial delivers technology-based funds administration services built on its proprietary eSTAC® technology for the efficient administration of specialized financial transactions. These solutions provide security, transparency, and compliance throughout the escrow and funds administration process.

“AVANA Capital shares our vision of ensuring investor security and diligence in managing investor funds,” said Reid Thomas, EVP at NES Financial. “With more and more investors requesting increased transparency, companies that embrace technology-enabled solutions will continue to thrive versus their competitors and be successful with investors.”

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