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Guest Post: Top Five Most Common Mistakes Made during Site Visits

We are excited to welcome guest blogger Julian Opet from Medallion Partner Klasko Compliance. We previously discussed the importance to the EB-5 community of preparing for USCIS initiating site visits at regional centers, NCEs and JCEs as part of its new compliance initiatives. In preparing, it’s helpful to take lessons from employers in other immigration [...]

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Guest Post: Knock, Knock: It’s a Fraud Detection Agent

We are excited to welcome guest blogger Julian Opet from Medallion Partner Klasko Compliance.  Imagine you or one of your employees is managing the front desk of an EB-5 Regional Center that’s overseeing a multi-million dollar construction project. A man without an appointment walks in, flashes a badge, and identifies himself as a federal agent [...]

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Fund administration is not one-size-fits-all for private equity real estate funds

Since fund administrators represent a viable outsourcing solution for fund managers, how does a manager select an advisor? There are the large administrators that primarily service hedge fund managers who claim to provide services to private equity and real estate managers. However, these organizations are generally running private equity and real estate firms through a [...]

Guest Post: Form I-924A – Practical considerations for EB-5 regional centers

We are excited to welcome guest blogger Jane (Yue) Zhang from Medallion Partner Miller Mayer. Jane is an Associate in Miller Mayer's immigration practice and has been involved with EB-5 for years. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has approved over 800 EB-5 regional centers.[1] Each regional center must file Form I-924A annually. It [...]

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Outsource fund administration to meet regulatory requirements

Regulators are increasingly focusing on private equity and real estate fund managers. Among the priorities of the SEC for the current examination year are Expense Allocations, Asset Valuation, Cybersecurity, and Anti-Money Laundering. Former Director of the SEC’s Office of Compliance Examinations and Investigations, Andrew J. Bowden, described what he called a "remarkable level of lawbreaking [...]

Outsource fund administration to attract institutional investors

Private equity fund managers are increasingly looking for larger and more sophisticated investors, and institutional investors are committing larger and larger sums to private equity funds. According to London-based research firm Preqin, U.S.-based public pension funds allocate 6.8% of their total assets, or an average of $758M, to commercial real estate; private pension funds tie up 5.2% [...]

The art of onboarding for private equity fund administration

When looking for a partner to handle your private equity or real estate administration, it is important to understand their processes and experience, beginning with their onboarding philosophy. The onboarding process is the first and most important step of outsourcing fund administration for private equity funds. The key to achieving onboarding success is having a [...]

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3 questions to ask when outsourcing private equity fund administration

To many in the private equity and real estate fund sector, working with an independent fund administrator is rapidly proving to be an attractive alternative to going at it alone. Investor needs have driven increased demand for outsourced fund administration over the past few years. Many general partners are evaluating whether outsourcing their administration and [...]

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Myth vs. fact: Responses to arguments against the EB-5 pilot program

This blog was written by Laura Foote Reiff on March 13, 2015 and is a re-post from EB-5 Insights. Myth 1:  Buy a Green Card – The EB-5 program was established to help high-net-worth individuals buy a green card. Fact:  The EB-5 program is a highly regulated employment-based permanent residence application that takes years to [...]

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