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Can Buying and Selling of Multiple Properties Qualify for a 1031 Exchange?

A typical 1031 exchange involves the buying and selling of one like-kind business or investment property for another. However, selling one property and acquiring several replacement like-kind properties or selling several properties and buying one replacement property is also allowed, assuming the exchange follows designated guidelines. Additionally, an investment property can be exchanged for a [...]

A 1031 Exchange Can Help You Finance More Leases and Stay Competitive

Leasing companies often seek ways to defer capital gains and depreciation recapture taxes on the disposition of their off-lease property. A 1031 exchange is a great way to lease more competitively by improving asset utilization and maximizing capital productivity. Using a 1031 exchange, your company can maximize its profitability and be more competitive in the [...]

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1031 Exchanges – A Golden Opportunity

Although investors can change banks and banking relationships with little difficulty, moving gold bars from vault to vault involves complicated logistics, costs, and risk. Moving gold bars between countries can also present legal hurdles, and, in some instances, the receiving financial institution may not even accept the bars because of their particular size or [...]

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Fifteen Minutes Could Save You Millions of Dollars

Internal Revenue Code 1031 allows for the deferral of gains on the sale of an asset when the gain is reinvested in a like-kind asset within 180 days. This transaction is called a 1031 exchange. For an exchange to be valid, the exchanger cannot have control over, or benefit from, the proceeds from the sale [...]

1031 Exchanges Have a Positive Impact on the United States Economy

1031 exchanges have been a topic of Congressional discussion for decades. In California, for example, a Bill was introduced in 2010 to repeal the application of Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 to California taxes. But despite the occasional plea to eliminate or constrain the program, the outcome of those discussions has been that the benefits [...]

5 Factors to Consider When Selecting a 1031 Qualified Intermediary

Real estate continues to be a hot market, making now the perfect time to decide whether or not to buy or sell. No matter which you choose, using a 1031 exchange can help you defer taxes on the sale of your property. The 1031 safe harbor regulations require the use of a 1031 qualified intermediary [...]

Now is the Perfect Time to Consider Doing a 1031 Exchange Before the Year Ends

The property market is heating up, with more and more transactions taking place. If you are thinking about buying and selling your investment property, consider doing a 1031 exchange to defer the taxes. As the year-end nears, now is the perfect time to reap those tax benefits before it is too late. A 1031 exchange [...]

3 Things to Consider When Selecting a QI

A 1031 exchange is a way for businesses or investors who want to sell property and also buy similar property to defer capital gains or depreciation recapture tax. For a 1031 to work, the sales proceeds must be held with a Qualified Intermediary (QI), such as NES Financial. Many people select a QI based on [...]

Work With the Leader in 1031 Specialty Exchanges

Almost everyone thinks of real estate when they think of doing a 1031 exchange. But did you know that a 1031 exchange is a great tool to reduce taxes on the sale of all types of business or investment properties? Some property types that qualify include: Real Estate Business-for-business exchanges Many Qualified Intermediaries (QIs) only [...]

Maximize Tax Savings With a 1031 Exchange Program

A 1031 exchange enables you to reduce or eliminate taxes on the sale of business or investment property. A 1031 exchange program is a great way for an exchanger to integrate 1031 exchanges into its ongoing buying and selling processes. Maximize your tax savings by using 1031 exchanges. The types of assets typically exchanged [...]