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EB-5 compliance remains legislative focus

On July 29th, Representatives Zoe Lofgren and Luis Gutierrez introduced H.R. 3370 –The Entrepreneurial Business Creating Jobs Act of 2015 — to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to promote innovation, investment, and research in the United States. H.R. 3370, like H.R. 616 proposed earlier this year, seeks to permanently reauthorize the EB-5 Regional Center [...]

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July Visa Bulletin advances Chinese cut-off date

More than a month has passed since the State Department instated a cut-off date for the issuance of visas to mainland China-born investors through the EB-5 program, and investors and issuers continue to adapt to the changes. The most impactful consequence of the cut-off date is the immediate lengthening of the EB-5 processing timeline. The cut-off [...]

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May 1: EB-5 visa retrogression for Chinese immigrants

Retrogression for EB-5 immigrant investors has been a hot topic in the EB-5 community since reaching the visa cap for the first time at the very end of fiscal year 2014.  The impact at that time was minimal because new visa numbers became available a month later.  Looking forward, we won’t have that luxury. On April [...]

Regulators and investors alike look for compliance in EB-5

The changes brought on by rapid growth in the EB-5 industry have been a frequent topic of discussion at the NES Financial EB-5 Innovation Summit and other industry events. In the last six years, the number of visas granted through the EB-5 investor program annually have increased 700%. And as EB-5 funding has gained popularity in [...]

Implications of USCIS processing delays for EB-5

As discussed at length at the NES Financial EB-5 Innovation Summit, the EB-5 industry’s explosive growth brings both opportunities and challenges. With program participation skyrocketing the last 5 years, the time it takes the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to process I-526 and I-829 petitions has also suffered a dramatic increase. In 2010, USCIS [...]

Globalization of investors in EB-5: Can it extend beyond China?

Visa retrogression was a hot topic at this year’s NES Financial EB-5 Innovation Summit, with implications for investors not only in China, but globally as well. The impending freeze on new visas for Chinese investors has many experts saying the EB-5 investor pool will develop a great deal more diversity in coming years. Of course, [...]

The consequences of Chinese visa retrogression for EB-5

At NES Financial’s recent EB-5 Innovation Summit, EB-5 industry leaders discussed some of the foremost opportunities and challenges emerging in the EB-5 marketplace. As expected, visa retrogression in China was a major topic of discussion. With China providing the largest source of EB-5 program participants, reaching the visa cap will have major implications throughout the industry. Prior [...]

Review of Director Alejandro Mayorkas’ Announcement

On Monday, December 3, USCIS Director, Alejandro Mayorkas, announced that over the next 4-6 months he plans on establishing the new EB-5 Program Office in Washington, DC in response to the exponential growth of the EB-5 program in recent years. The new office will be led by the Chief of Immigrant Investor Programs, a unique [...]

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USCIS Announces the Creation of a Separate EB-5 Program Office

USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas has announced the formation of a new office specifically designed to address and oversee issues related to the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa program. I am pleased to see the USCIS taking steps to address the issues we raised and will hope to see improvements take effect soon. For more information read [...]

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4 Reasons to use an escrow in EB-5

Many hopeful immigrants who wish to invest in projects in the United States through the USCIS EB-5 Immigrant Visa program seek assurances that their investment funds will be properly administered. Escrow Accounts, while new to many of them, offer just this type of assurance.  There are a variety of benefits to this structure, and many Regional Centers find that it provides [...]