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Attend the Navigating a Changing Sector EB-5 Webinar Series

The NES Financial EB-5 Innovation Summit focused on the future in EB-5.  To follow our Summit, we are pleased to announce a series of webinars which will provide additional about real-world solutions to help you prepare.

Register to attend the entire Navigating a Changing Sector webinar series today.

Issuers will need solutions that flexibly respond to evolving market needs, allowing projects to achieve operational excellence and set themselves apart through secure, transparent, and compliant offerings.

Register today to hear from industry leader NES Financial and our expert Medallion Solution Partners to find out how to prepare for changes ahead through every stage of the EB-5 lifecycle.


Process Management and Compliance—March 29

Find out how to efficiently manage the complexities of the interdependent financial and immigration processes of an EB-5 project.

Guest speaker: H. Ronald Klasko, Klasko Compliance

Capital Administration and Insurance—April 12

Find out how to deploy capital quickly to meet your project’s needs while assuring investors their funds are being handled safely and in compliance with immigration requirements.

Guest speaker: TBA

Accounting Administration and Loan Servicing—May 2

Find out how to meet market and regulatory demands for higher standards in back-office accounting, loan servicing, and more.

Guest speaker: TBA


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