Purpose-Built Technology for the Purpose of
Changing Financial Environments

“A seismic shift.” This is what Ernst & Young calls the effect that evolving regulation, increasing data demands, and new digital technologies are having on financial administration environments. But they just as easily could have been describing the power of our eSTAC financial administration platform.

The eSTAC® Financial Administration Platform:

Not Just a Technology, but a Competitive Advantage

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With unparalleled efficiency, scalability, data security, transparency, flexible compliance reporting, and rapid deployment, eSTAC is fundamentally changing the economics, ROI, and performance level of today’s complex and challenging financial administration environments.

Secure Deployment

To ensure data integrity and protect against cyber threats, the eSTAC platform is subject to rigorous testing, including SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type 2 examination as well as network vulnerability and business continuity testing.

Powerful Data Aggregation

The eSTAC platform helps clients meet the growing demands of delivering better information faster, by efficiently sourcing and governing data from multiple systems, including business and financial systems.

Workflow Automation

The eSTAC platform tracks information generated by complex processes and multiple entities over extended periods with accuracy and efficiency, making it ideal for complex fund administration processes and audit trails.

Document Management

In addition to workflow automation, the eSTAC platform enables storage, retrieval, and distribution of financial, business, and legal documentation and data, ensuring important information is always there when needed.

Treasury System

The handling of high volume back-office fund administration from multiple entities is made efficient with the eSTAC platform.


This is the core of how eSTAC handles complex, multi-tiered, highly-scaled applications that can choke conventional systems

Analysis and Reporting

The eSTAC platform addresses the need for businesses today to generate more types of custom reports, more often. This includes not only delivering valuable business insights but also additional compliance reporting.