To many in the private equity and real estate fund sector, working with an independent fund administrator is rapidly proving to be an attractive alternative to going at it alone. Investor needs have driven increased demand for outsourced fund administration over the past few years.

Many general partners are evaluating whether outsourcing their fund administration and operations makes sense. Some of the most common questions being asked to help identify this need are:

  • Does the fund require further expertise and bench strength to accommodate current activity plus future plans?
  • Does in-house administration take attention away from the primary focus of investing funds wisely?
  • Is the regulatory and tax environment changing so quickly that it has become extremely important to have processing partners that actively follow the market?

If the answer to any of the above is ‘yes,’ then typically it is time for a private equity or real estate fund to consider outsourcing fund administration.

At NES Financial, we know what it is like to have a complicated structure, investment portfolio, and specific investor needs.

Through automation, efficiency, and a dedicated engagement management team, NES Financial is able to provide the bench strength and ability to keep up in a changing environment, enabling you to focus on investing.

At NES Financial, our focus has been on finding ways to reduce complexity, lower costs, and shorten time to market to enable our private equity and real estate clients to focus less on their onboarding and more on what they’re good at: making smart investment choices.

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