With competition in the EB-5 space increasing, the need for Regional Centers and developers to present the best offerings possible to investors is more important than ever before. Potential EB-5 investors today are savvy business people who are already familiar with the EB-5 program. As such, they begin significant due diligence inquiries well before selecting a project to invest in.

EB-5 issuers that follow these best practices will find it easier to market their projects to investors:

1) Well balanced EB-5 escrow structure. An escrow administrator is a crucial party to the escrow process. The administrator can streamline the process so that issuers can focus on doing what they do best – providing great service to investors and achieving project success. With lengthy processing times, choosing an escrow administrator like NES Financial who can balance the needs of the investor with those of the issuer is essential.

2) Third party fund administration. Using an independent third party fund administrator to administer investors’ funds throughout the immigration life cycle will add credibility to your offering. Additionally, by implementing the operational procedures to obtain and manage the relevant information from the outset, there is a higher likelihood of a successful I-829.

3) Transactional transparency. The more visibility you provide investors on the status of their investment, the better. Along with periodic and annual statements, issuers are increasingly seeking to offer 24/7 online access to their investors for total visibility.

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