NES Financial is pleased to announce the resounding success of the first two installments of the 2015 EB-5 Innovation Summit, which took place in New York and Miami on February 24 and 26 respectively. With more than two hundred and fifty people in total attendance, the seminars brought together leading EB-5 industry experts to discuss emerging issues and trends for the sector. Attendees left each event with valuable insights into what promises to be a dynamic year for EB-5.

Presentation topics included the impact of regression on investor sourcing, changes the industry should anticipate in light of the recent explosive growth in the EB-5 sector, and the flight to quality as investors find themselves with more and more options in terms of EB-5 projects.

One final seminar will take place this coming Tuesday, March 10, at the Omni Hotel in Los Angeles. Speakers will include thought leaders from across the EB-5 industry, so sign up today for what is sure to be another don’t miss event!

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