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More accurate.  More efficient.  More automated.

Automate complicated financial transaction workflows, integrate data from external vendor systems with your own, and manage documents and compliance reporting all the way down to individual sub-accounts with real time analytics and reporting, deployed in a 100% secure environment.  Companies accomplish this easily and cost effectively with NES Financial technology and services, designed specifically for complex multi-entity, multi-platform, highly-scaled fund administration environments.

Technology Purpose Built for Financial Operating Environments

All too often companies and vendors with complex financial transactions end up using spreadsheets or cobble together disparate solutions for their analytic and reporting needs.  Not only is this time consuming and inefficient, but also potentially quite risky.

NES Financial developed its eSTAC® technology from the ground up to handle the most complex and highly-scaled financial applications. The functionality of the technology, its flexibility, and its robustness allow NES Financial to deliver new solutions in record time – specifically tailored for the largest, most complex situations and processes.

eSTAC® Capabilities:

  • Workflow Automation. eSTAC® can track funds that move through a complex process and through multiple entities over an extended period of time. This provides the ultimate efficiency and accuracy for complex fund administration processes and audit trails
  • Sub-Accounting. This is the core of how eSTAC® handles complex, multi-tiered, highly-scaled applications that can choke conventional systems
  • Document Management. Integrated into every sub-account, this capability provides a single repository for the financial, business, and legal documentation associated with each sub-account
  • Powerful Data Aggregation. Proprietary tools allow eSTAC® to directly interface to most financial and core banking systems without costly customizations
  • Analysis and Reporting. Turn raw data into the reports and information needed to stay on top of your business. These middle office tools generate statements and compliance reports needed in today’s ever changing financial markets
  • Treasury SystemHigh volume back office fund administration with multiple custodians is made efficient. Over $85 billion of back office transactions flow through eSTAC® annually
  • Secure DeploymentNES Financial subjects its cloud based platform to rigorous testing, including SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type 2 audit, network vulnerability testing, and Business Continuity testing

Choose NES Financial to help you structure a smart solution that best meets your business needs. Contactor call 1.800.339.1031 today.

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