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Suggested procedures and possible options for accepting minors as investors in EB-5 investment funds

With estimated delays of five to six years for the processing of EB-5 immigrant visas or green cards for applicants subject to the quota for China, many parents are concerned their children will “age out” by reaching the age of 21 before their final green card interviews are scheduled. As a result, the children may [...]

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How did the visa cutoff impact EB-5 investor markets?

Since the implementation of cutoff dates for Chinese investors, many issuers have considered broadening their investor recruitment strategies outside of the saturated Chinese EB-5 marketplace. In 2014, prior to the introduction of quota backlogs for Chinese investors, Chinese-born investors comprised 94.5% of EB-5 investors. In 2015, China remained the largest source of EB-5 investors but saw an [...]

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EB-5 visa cutoff date advances

Since May 1, 2015, Chinese-born immigrant investors have been subject to a cutoff date for EB-5 visa issuance, due to high demand for EB-5 category visas. This cutoff allows investors who filed their I-526 petitions on or before the priority date to receive a conditional green card once their I-526 is approved but places those who filed after the [...]

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[VIDEO] Jeff Campion uses tailored EB-5 solutions

Though use of the EB-5 program has grown tremendously, finding the right expertise to meet their project’s needs remains a challenge for many EB-5 issuers. Without experience in EB-5, banks struggle to meet EB-5 escrow needs. One-size-fits-all solutions tend not to fit EB-5 projects very well. To find out why Jeff Campion, CEO of Pathways, [...]

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[VIDEO] Intelligent EB-5 Solutions help increase investor's confidence when choosing an EB-5 project, Robert Labbe explains

For Robert Labbe, General Counsel of Global Premier America Regional Center, working with NES Financial doesn't just mean streamlined EB-5 administration, it means setting his Regional Center’s projects apart from the competition when meeting with investors overseas. Investors “take comfort in the fact that we’re using good, effective, robust solutions to manage our business,” Labbe [...]

May 1: EB-5 visa retrogression for Chinese immigrants

Retrogression for EB-5 immigrant investors has been a hot topic in the EB-5 community since reaching the visa cap for the first time at the very end of fiscal year 2014.  The impact at that time was minimal because new visa numbers became available a month later.  Looking forward, we won’t have that luxury. On April [...]

Regulators and investors alike look for compliance in EB-5

The changes brought on by rapid growth in the EB-5 industry have been a frequent topic of discussion at the NES Financial EB-5 Innovation Summit and other industry events. In the last six years, the number of visas granted through the EB-5 investor program annually have increased 700%. And as EB-5 funding has gained popularity in [...]

8th Annual IIUSA EB-5 Advocacy Conference a success

Last week, NES Financial attended the 8th annual IIUSA EB-5 Advocacy Conference, which took place April 12th-14th in Washington, DC. The conference brought together professionals from across the EB-5 industry, and we appreciated the opportunity to talk with so many of you. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth! One of the primary focuses of [...]

Implications of USCIS processing delays for EB-5

As discussed at length at the NES Financial EB-5 Innovation Summit, the EB-5 industry’s explosive growth brings both opportunities and challenges. With program participation skyrocketing the last 5 years, the time it takes the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to process I-526 and I-829 petitions has also suffered a dramatic increase. In 2010, USCIS [...]

With growing regulatory attention on EB-5, compliant EB-5 solutions are a must

Access the USA Principal Mike Mattox discusses how third party solutions can help ensure compliance, minimize errors, and reduce liability throughout the EB-5 process. Compliance with USCIS guidelines and SEC regulations isn't just critical to the success of an EB-5 project, it can have a life-changing impact on investors' immigration processes. Remaining in compliance requires a [...]