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NY EB5 Fund selects NES Financial’s suite of Intelligent EB-5 Solutions for redevelopment project

NES Financial has been chosen by NY EB5 Fund to administer its leading EB-5 Solution Suite on the company’s latest project, W 108 Development LLC. Located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, W 108 Development LLC is converting two five-story townhouses into 11 condominium units geared toward seniors 55+ that will feature a gymnasium, [...]

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20% of EB-5 projects comprise 80% of EB-5 target raises

Projects with target raises under $50M continue to comprise the majority of EB-5 projects. Large projects represent a smaller portion of EB-5 projects, but due to their larger target raises, the largest 20% of projects also represent nearly 80% of all EB-5 target capital raises. Though 63% of EB-5 projects aim to raise between $5M [...]

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Risk factors for fraud in EB-5

The EB-5 program has grown exponentially since 2008, generating more than $11 billion in foreign direct investment and supporting more than 30,000 jobs per year. However, with this growth comes growing pains: since 2013, the Securities and Exchange Commission has brought enforcement actions against more than eight allegedly fraudulent EB-5 projects. Across these projects, common [...]

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Drawdown Accounts build EB-5 investor confidence

The recent SEC enforcement action at Jay Peak has made it clear to issuers, investors, and regulators alike the importance of continuing to monitor EB-5 funds after release from escrow. To address this need, NES Financial has introduced Draw Down Accounts as a new feature of our widely used Intelligent EB-5 Escrow Solutions. Draw Down [...]

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Learn how to raise EB-5 capital more effectively at upcoming webinar

The NES Financial EB-5 Innovation Summit focused on the future in EB-5. As a follow-up to our Summit, we are pleased to announce a series of webinars which will provide additional information about real-world solutions to help you prepare. Register to attend the entire Navigating a Changing Sector webinar series today. Issuers will need solutions [...]

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Find out how to deploy EB-5 capital sooner at upcoming webinar

The NES Financial EB-5 Innovation Summit focused on the future in EB-5. Register to attend the Navigating a Changing Sector webinar series today to continue to prepare. USCIS processing times have lengthened, but issuers need capital to move at the speed of their EB-5 project. Register today for the NES Financial Navigating a Changing Sector: [...]

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EB-5 facts: 30,000+ jobs created per year

In a series of recent blogs, we explored common EB-5 myths to reveal the facts about the EB-5 program: U.S. Citizenship is not “for sale” EB-5 is not an immigration shortcut EB-5 investors are extensively vetted EB-5 funds are heavily scrutinized to prevent money laundering The rapid growth of the EB-5 program has prompted increased [...]

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EB-5 project size makes tracking more complex

Many issuers starting out in EB-5 believe they can manage EB-5’s unique tracking requirements in-house. However, for most projects, tracking quickly becomes too complex to manage using a spreadsheet. To comply with I-829 requirements, the flow of each investor’s funds must be tracked from the initial subscription escrow, into the New Commercial Enterprise (NCE), through the loan from [...]

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