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Our International Website Has a New Look!

If you wanted to know how to say "EB-5 Best Practices" in Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, or Vietnamese, look no further: our newly refreshed international website offers NES Financial's content in five different languages. Because we've long understood that immigrant investors make up the engine that enabled the EB-5 Regional Center Pilot Program to take [...]

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Where have EB-5 investor markets grown?

When quota backlogs for Mainland China born investors were introduced in May 2015, many expected EB-5 investor markets would begin to become more global. While China remains the largest source of EB-5 investors, making up 87% of the EB-5 investor market in 2015, EB-5 markets in the Americas and Europe grew substantially with significant year-over-year [...]

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What do investors and agents look for in an EB-5 project?

As the EB-5 market has grown, investors have more projects to choose from than ever before. EB-5 experts Kyle Walker, Joe McCarthy, and Brandon Meyer discussed what investors and agents look for in EB-5 projects during the recent NES Financial EB-5 Innovation Summit. To find out how to set your project apart, watch now:   [...]

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Drawdown Accounts build EB-5 investor confidence

The recent SEC enforcement action at Jay Peak has made it clear to issuers, investors, and regulators alike the importance of continuing to monitor EB-5 funds after release from escrow. To address this need, NES Financial has introduced Draw Down Accounts as a new feature of our widely used Intelligent EB-5 Escrow Solutions. Draw Down [...]

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EB-5 facts: EB-5 investors are extensively vetted

Myth: EB-5 is an easy way for terrorists to enter the country. Fact: EB-5 investors are subject to significant scrutiny throughout the EB-5 process from the USCIS—which is itself run by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The EB-5 vetting process includes the most detailed and thorough review of the immigrant of any visa category. [...]

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EB-5 facts: EB-5 is not an immigration shortcut

Myth: Immigrants can use EB-5 as a shortcut to “buy their way” to the front of the visa line. Fact: While EB-5 may be the fastest path to a green card for many investors, lengthy U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) processing times, a visa backlog for Chinese-born investors, and a mandatory two-year conditional residence [...]

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Michael Halloran speaks about NES Financial’s founding principles [Video]

NES Financial was founded on three key principles that ensure client satisfaction. Hear what Michael Halloran, Chairman and CEO of NES Financial, has to say about these principles and the foundation of the company. Contact us Allow us to address your business needs by contacting us, or comment on this post below. We look forward [...]