EB-5 Escrow Administration

Golden Opportunity Regional Center selects NES Financial’s EB-5 Escrow Solution for development project

NES Financial announced today that our Intelligent EB-5 Escrow Administration Solution has been selected by Golden Opportunity Regional Center for their latest project, San Diego Bayfront Phase I. The project is part of the Chula Vista Bayfront Master Plan between Pacifica Companies, the Port of San Diego, and the City of Chula Vista. The Plan [...]

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NES Financial EB-5 Escrow Solution selected by Rhode Island EB-5 Regional Center for latest project

NES Financial announced that we have been selected by Rhode Island EB-5 Regional Center to provide our Intelligent EB-5 Escrow Administration Solution on the Regional Center’s current project, Quick Fitting Manufacturing. Being built in Rhode Island, Quick Fitting Manufacturing is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that will use EB-5 funds to acquire advanced manufacturing equipment and [...]

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[VIDEO] Assembling EB-5 expertise

Between immigration requirements, economic reporting, fund administration, and compliance with SEC regulations, success in EB-5 depends on assembling a team with the right expertise. Kevin Wright helps projects prepare the economic development reporting required for EB-5. When it comes to financial tracking and administration needs, find out why he recommends that his clients work with [...]

[VIDEO] Augment EB-5 compliance with Klasko Compliance and NES Financial

I-829 filing is the final step in an investor’s immigration process — preventing problems at this stage is a top priority for EB-5 investors and issuers. Accurately counting jobs created and tracking the flow of funds are the cornerstone to successful I-829 filing, but meeting compliance needs can be complex. Klasko Compliance and NES Financial’s [...]

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[VIDEO] Jeff Campion uses tailored EB-5 solutions

Though use of the EB-5 program has grown tremendously, finding the right expertise to meet their project’s needs remains a challenge for many EB-5 issuers. Without experience in EB-5, banks struggle to meet EB-5 escrow needs. One-size-fits-all solutions tend not to fit EB-5 projects very well. To find out why Jeff Campion, CEO of Pathways, [...]

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[VIDEO] Intelligent EB-5 Solutions help increase investor's confidence when choosing an EB-5 project, Robert Labbe explains

For Robert Labbe, General Counsel of Global Premier America Regional Center, working with NES Financial doesn't just mean streamlined EB-5 administration, it means setting his Regional Center’s projects apart from the competition when meeting with investors overseas. Investors “take comfort in the fact that we’re using good, effective, robust solutions to manage our business,” Labbe [...]

Why EB-5 escrows require a nuanced approach

Though many banks claim to meet the escrow needs of EB-5 projects, most lack the specialized expertise necessary to satisfy the diverse demands of EB-5. For many Regional Centers, partnering with a bank without EB-5 experience backfires. Some EB-5 issuers attempt to work with their existing bank, only for the bank’s risk and compliance departments to [...]

Simplifying the needs of EB-5 escrows

EB-5 investments are a valuable funding strategy for many projects, but without the right expertise, even setting up the initial escrow can seem complex. EB-5 escrows are highly specialized transactions: a successful project must establish investor confidence, meet USCIS guidelines, comply with Homeland Security and SEC regulations, coordinate with immigration attorneys and investor agents, and meet [...]

Regulators and investors alike look for compliance in EB-5

The changes brought on by rapid growth in the EB-5 industry have been a frequent topic of discussion at the NES Financial EB-5 Innovation Summit and other industry events. In the last six years, the number of visas granted through the EB-5 investor program annually have increased 700%. And as EB-5 funding has gained popularity in [...]

Vertebral Technologies, Inc. Selects NES Financial’s EB-5 Solution Suite for Silicon Valley Medical Technology Development

San Jose, CA, April 16, 2015 – NES Financial announced today that Vertebral Technologies, Inc. (VTI) has selected to use its Intelligent EB-5 Solution Suite, which includes EB-5 Escrow Administration, EB-5 Fund Administration, and EB-5 Immigration Workflow, on the company’s development project in Northern California. The EB-5 visa program, created in 1990, encourages investment in [...]