Complex transactions made safe, secure, and transparent

In the age of financial fraud on the scale of Bernie Madoff, third party administration of complex financial transactions has become a best practice to ensure funds security and investor transparency.  NES Financial is a leader in the administration of complex and highly scaled financial transactions and as an independent third party administrator when an escrow of assets is required.

NES Financial makes complex escrows easy

Large transactions often involve multiple parties and holdbacks and have complicated release triggers.  NES Financial has the expertise, administrative capabilities, and proven Fortune 500 track record to deliver complete solutions for even the most complex escrow administration applications.

Here is how it’s done:

  • Best practice template solutions. NES Financial has created solutions for even the most complex escrows that include template escrow agreements pre-approved by escrow agent/bank partners. These templates are designed to mitigate risk using industry best practices
  • In-house expertise. The team of lawyers and escrow administrators are experts in these escrows. They can quickly adapt the solutions to meet your specific requirements
  • Fast and easy setup. The setup of an escrow is very rapid with NES Financial. The company’s Client Services team acts as the project manager to coordinate all aspects of the account opening process
  • Automated processes. eSTAC®, NES Financial’s proprietary technology platform, automates much of the escrow administration process and improves efficiency and accuracy 

The result is a customized solution that can be deployed quickly.

NES Financial delivers solutions for the following types of escrows:

  • Earnest money escrow. For CRE developers and homebuilders, managing earnest money deposits can be complex and subject to substantial state and federal regulatory oversight. NES Financial provides a streamlined, customizable, and scalable approach that complies with all regulations
  • Subscription escrow. NES Financial can help your firm track and manage funds from any size pool of investors, which are held in escrow until the release triggers are met
  • Settlement escrow. Common in M&A, Class Action Settlements, and Qualified Settlement Funds, NES Financial has specific solutions for each of these applications
  • Client trust accounts. For attorneys and law firms that hold money in trust for clients, NES Financial simplifies the segregation of funds from both the law firm’s operating account and other clients’ accounts and allocates interest to clients’ accounts
  • Other escrows. NES Financial has escrow solutions for other applications

However complicated your requirements, NES Financial’s team of experts can help build a solution specifically for you.

Choose NES Financial to help you structure a smart solution that best meets your business needs. Contactor call 1.800.339.1031 today.