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Integrated Suite of EB-5 Solutions
for the Entire Program Life Cycle

Ensure Program Success from Start to Finish

Our Intelligent EB-5 Solutions provide the only comprehensive approach to successfully administering the complexities of the entire EB-5 program life cycle – from solving multi-faceted escrow and depository requirements, to streamlining multi-level fund administration, to providing fully compliant audit trails for issuers and investors alike.

EB-5 Program Life Cycle and Required Solutions

A Clear Set of Advantages

Experienced and dedicated EB-5 Client Services team

Complete audit trail through the entire EB-5 process

Web-based portal visibility anytime, anywhere, from any device, including mobile

Automated and powered by award-winning eSTAC® platform

Accelerated set up and ongoing reliable performance

Unsurpassed levels of security, transparency, and compliance for all stakeholders

Program Visibility – Anytime, Anywhere from Any Device

Take a Closer Look

While each solution can be deployed independently, when integrated they become a comprehensive end-to-end solution, providing greater marketability, process efficiency, and performance to an EB-5 project.

Capital Administration


Reduces risk and enhances
the capital raise

As an EB-5 best practice, a subscription escrow helps increase the marketability of a project by addressing the security needs of investors, which in turn helps issuers more effectively raise capital in an aggressive marketplace.


Safeguards the flow
of working capital

With drawdown administration, issuers can get a competitive and compliant advantage for their project, since it provides third-party oversight and reporting on the use of funds during a critical phase for investors and regulators.

Process Management


Tracks the flow of funds
and documentation from day one

Provides issuers up-to-the-minute program status and complete audit trail, and designated stakeholders access to timely statements and reports.


Stores and reports all pertinent
immigration documents

Turns paperwork and data into serviceable investor and fund information, ensuring investors meet USCIS immigration requirements for the EB-5 program.

Accounting Administration


Streamlines the complexities of
EB-5 loan servicing

Serves as a best practice third-party fund administration solution for handling the complexities of EB-5 loans at scale, while meeting the administration efficiency, accuracy, and transparency demanded by institutional lenders and investors.


Delivers institutional-quality back-office accounting administration

An efficient, scalable, and fully compliant third-party solution that addresses evolving EB-5 due diligence requirements and positions issuers to better compete for investor capital.