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EB-5 Has Become a Mainstream Source of Capital

Major corporations and developers throughout the United States have come to realize the benefits of raising capital through the EB-5 immigrant investor program.  The EB-5 program involves a diverse set of ongoing financial, immigration, and job creation requirements that must be clearly and timely documented for companies raising capital through the program.

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NES Financial’s Intelligent EB-5 Solutions Set the Benchmark for Efficiency and Risk Management

Streamlining the process of managing investors’ funds, producing required reporting and documentation, and staying in compliance with SEC and immigration laws is a top priority for Regional Centers, developers, and immigration attorneys. NES Financial is the only company that has developed a purpose-built suite of solutions to address the needs of all the key stakeholders in the EB-5 industry. Regional Centers, developers, banks, attorneys, and investors all benefit from the improved security, transparency, and compliance that these solutions bring. NES Financial combines technology, EB-5 services, and EB-5 expertise with the depository capabilities of many of the nation’s leading banks to deliver the most comprehensive suite of solutions in the EB-5 industry.

  • Intelligent EB-5 Escrow Administration Solutions.  Safe, transparent, and efficient solutions that address the complexities of bringing and distributing foreign investment capital into and out of the capital raise and settlement process.
  • Intelligent EB-5 Fund Administration Solution.  A solution that tracks the flow of funds, supporting documentation, audit trails, statements, real-time dashboards, and reports throughout the entire investment life cycle.  This EB-5 specific fund administration solution supports the USCIS, SEC, and FINRA reporting requirements.
  • Intelligent EB-5 Immigration Workflow Solution.  A transparent and reliable solution that tracks the immigration documentation, status, critical dates, and supporting data of each participant through the entire immigration life cycle. Aggregation of data into one centralized location, management of workflow steps, and customization of dashboards and alerts combine to create an efficient solution that provides you with all the detail you’ll need.
  • Intelligent EB-5 Loan Administration Solution. A unique solution that accurately handles complex waterfall calculations and configures for multiple tiers of loan accruals and invoicing, while efficiently administering distribution tracking to all parties.
  • EB-5 Investor Verification Services. This online verification platform is a cost-effective method for issuers of EB-5 investments to ensure investors are accredited in compliance with the JOBS Act. NES Financial has entered into an agreement with VerifyInvestor.com to offer the online, accredited verification services.
  • Portfolio View. The NES Financial Portfolio View provides an Intelligent Dashboard that delivers a wide range of project metrics clearly and efficiently and can access important EB-5 information anytime, anywhere, from any device.

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